Megan Cairns

Founder, Pilates Instructor

Megan Cairns Pilates Underground Founder

Megan came to the Twin Cities from the Philadelphia area to attend Macalester College. After graduating with a degree in English she spent several years traveling, tending bar, and singing jazz at many Twin Cities venues.

Megan’s life changed drastically when she suffered a severe neck injury that required immobilization in a neck brace and the possibility of spinal fusion surgery. While her neck healed, the rest of her muscles atrophied leaving her very weak when she was finally free of her brace. Her physical therapist recommended Pilates as a safe way to regain her strength and help relieve the neck and back pain she felt.

Pilates made such a profound difference in her body that Megan decided to pursue it further. She moved to New York City to study, apprentice and earn her Pilates instructor certifications in both mat and apparatus work in 2003. She studied with Melissa Kakavas and Ossi Raveh, learning the original, classical Pilates exercises and choreography with an emphasis on anatomy, biomechanics and modifications for injuries. Her apprenticeships at several Manhattan Pilates studios exposed her to many different approaches to teaching and schools of thought, leading to a rich synthesis of styles in her own teaching.

After two years in New York, Megan returned to Minneapolis where her clear, common sense approach and enthusiasm for Pilates help her connect with students of all ages and levels of fitness. Focusing on the fundamentals of form and breath in every session, she guides her students to develop better posture, alignment, and core stability leading to a balanced, happy body.


Jennifer Johanneson

Pilates Instructor


Jennifer is a lifelong mover, movement instructor and health enthusiast who loves helping others find optimal movement and health through Pilates. She was a recruited diver at the U.S. Air Force Academy, discovering the Pilates method after suffering health challenges. She completed her certification training through Stott Pilates in 2000 and was then able to return to dance and dance instruction, later joining an aerial dance performance company as a coach and aerialist. She has attended numerous workshops since, primarily through the Pilates Center of Boulder, CO, where she was accepted into the master’s program.

She favors a contemporary approach to Pilates, focusing on biomechanics to restore balance and alignment with a keen eye for detail. She synthesizes her understanding of illness and limitation with her extensive movement education into clear instruction for all. Jennifer is enthusiastic about helping others build strength, improve flexibility, and discover the natural ease within their bodies. She has a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from the University of Minnesota.